D’tigress and Flammes Carolo Power Forward player Evelyn Akhator was a guest on Timeout with Ojb on Instagram.

Evelyn who was born in Edo, Benin City, Southern Nigeria. Opened up on how difficult it was for Americans to understand her English when she first arrived in the United State of America.

The Flames-Carolo Forward said it was not easy at first, but got settled in after some months.

“At first, when I got there, they couldn’t understand me because I speak very fast and my accent was somehow then”.

Evelyn have traveled around Europe in the course of her Basketball career. From the United state to Russia, Turkey , Spain and now France.

One would think her journey around Europe would have made her pick some other languages. According to the double-double Queen,

“I only speak English Language and Nigerian broken English, I don’t understand my local Benin dialect” she added.

Evelyn is currently in Nigeria due to the Pandemic.