Football a sports that unites, bind and makes people happy. In FIFA rules, there should be no political interference from the government in the sport. El clasico is the name given to any football match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, it’s well known and it has gained recognition as the most followed rivalry in sports globally.

Rivalries on the field are engendered by deep-seeded politics and bolstered by fundamentally opposing identies . The depth and intensity of this rivalry is best knwon through the Spanish notion of “morbo” (Morbid in English). The derby tagged El Clasico is much maligned as they revered for being the “bitterest rivalry in football” . To understand the rivalry and ultimately the irreconcilable identities of the Catalonians and the Madrilenes, one must navigate a great breadth of cultural currents running through out Spanish history.

Catalonia an autonomous community on the northeastern corner of Spain , has been under the control of Spain since 1714 when they were conquered , Spain control the affairs of Catalonia and it’s something that Catalonia does not want and they’ve been struggling for Independence for a long time. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona creates divides amidst a background of a civil war torn past. The two largest cities in Spain, Madrid the national capital of Spain and Barcelona the capital of the Catalan region seeking for Independence are the principalities of El Clasico.

The conflict between both sides has long surpassed sporting dimensions such that election to the club’s presidencies are strongly politicised. Politicial activities is a strong motive behind the invention of El clasico , whenever both teams play it’s like a battle between Catalonia and Spain, Barcelona on the side of the Catalan Nationalist and Real Madrid sticking with the Spanish government.

Various matches have been played with political interference , but there’s one that stands out as the most one-sided game , it is the encounter between Barcelona and Real Madrid during the second world war era, where Madrid demolished Barcelona 11-1 all thanks to the officiating of the match . This match still stands as the greatest win in the El Clasico till date and the Chances of it been eclipsed is bleak.

In this 21st century, nothing has changed yet . The fierce rivalry is there , in one way or the other political interference still reigns. The Catalonian struggle for Independence is still on the cards and the Spanish government seemed not ready to grant it to them and there have always been protest which brings clashes between the police and the people. The rivalry has gone far more than people have expected , players themselves are always having hatred towards themselves because they see themselves as enemies .

Most recent , the El Clasico was postponed due to political activities. The Spanish government have never for once steeped out of football, they use El Clasico as a weapon to fight Catalonia. Whenever Barcelona play Madrid , they would always like to fly the Catalonian flag everywhere in the satdium.