A decade after hurting Nigerians with a careless foul against Greece in the FIFA World Cup 2010, hosted in South Africa. Sani keita is still asking for forgiveness.

Kaita was sent off in the match against Greece, in Nigeria’s second 2010 FIFA World Cup match for kicking Vasilis Torosidis after Torosidis motioned as if to throw the ball at Kaita. This made him the first Nigerian player to be sent off in a World Cup match. Greece went on to score their first World Cup goals, and won their first match in the World Cup.

Nigerians were furious and they blamed him for the loss. It was reported that he received over 1,000 death threats after the game against Greece.

Ten years after, he has apologized to the people of Nigeria on an Instagram Live chat conducted by Brila Fm.

“I’m still asking for forgiveness from Nigerians to forgive me because everyone can make a mistake. That kind of mistake is still going to happen in football, but I hope it doesn’t happen to another Nigerian player” he said.

Sani Kaita played 22 times for the eagles and he made his debut in a 3 nil loss against Romania in 2005.