Former Super Eagles and Aris striker, Brown Ideye has opened up on why he doesn’t need to have more than two cars in his garage.

The 2013 Afcon winner was a guest of Omavua Akatugba on Monday, where he talked about his growing up, life challenges and marital life.

Ideye was asked about his opinion on players having more than three or four cars and how many cars he owns.

The former Bayelsa United striker was quick to answer.

“Why would I want three or four cars ? why would I want to meet up to the latest cars because a musician is driving a Bentley bentayga, does not mean I have to buy a Bentley bentayga. Because a musician is driving a Rolls Royce convertible does not mean I have to get a Rolls Royce convertible. But some people fail to understand that immediately you drive the car out of the drive way, it loses value.

The 31-year-old Aris striker didn’t deny the fact that he had lavished money on expensive cars in the past, but he believes it’s a phase he has learnt from.

“It happened to me, it’s a stage you get to and learn from it. Every footballer has to pass through the stage to learn, I passed through it and I have learnt about somethings that are not good and I am not going to do them again.”

“I have two cars now. One for myself and one for my wife”. He concluded