The French Lique 1 was cancelled abruptly due to corona virus pandemic. Monaco midfielder Cesc Fabregas felt the decision taken by the organizers was too early. There is a legal action against French League organizers.
Relegated team Amiens have begun legal action against Lique de Football Professional (LFP). Affected by the cancellation of the 2019/2020 season, Amiens President Bernard Joannin has described their relegation as “unjust” and he is ready to fight the unfair decision.
“We find that this decision goes against sporting fairness. The decision is a punishment from the league. It is unjust.
“We have been forced into fighting, into going to court to try to overturn this unfair decision.”

Before the cancellation, Amiens were 19th on the table, four points behind Nimes and 10 points ahead of Toulouse, with 10 games to play.

Recalled that Amiens filed a petition against LFP earlier this month asking that relegation should be scrapped, proposing 22 teams for next season.
Club lawyer Christophe Bertrand back Amiens president.
“We are not contesting the decision to stop the season. That is not really the object of these proceedings. It would be a bit inappropriate.
“However, what we are contesting are the consequences of the decisions that were taken.”