“I was over the moon, I would say.” I couldn’t wait for a while now, so I am really happy that we are able to do this again, going back to Melwood, having small group training and stuff like this.”

The Reds manager might be the happiest man either for moral boosting or the history that awaits when the league eventually resume somewhat in June but he is delighted with the very first step of players returning to training this week.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has backed players returning to training in England saying it’s the right time for such.

Premier League teams voted unanimously on Monday for training to restart albeit in small groups with no contact hence some clubs returned to training yesterday.
While some players and managers might still feel a bit uneasy, Klopp, however agreed with the timing and believes that players will be safe with the protocols and measures that has been put in place.
Speaking extensively via Liverpool’s website, the German sees no harm in it using the German Bundesliga that resumed last weekend as an example.
“Nobody wants to bring anybody into danger, but I think with all the things we know about, sticking to the social distancing rule especially in the first part with testing as often as possible and stuff like this, the players will be safe,” he told Liverpool’s official website .
“Germany showed it already, a couple of players had a positive test during the long period, they trained for five weeks and now they play already, stuff like this and they had altogether 10 or 12 positive tests.
“I hope that we are now in England on the right side of the thing as well.
“It’s all about when but you need to re-open step by step different parts of life again and everybody agrees about that, it’s only about when.
“It’s now a good moment to do it [in the Premier League]. Then other things, for sure, will follow.”

The former Borussia Dortmund manager also believes games behind close doors, even without the fans will still be intensified.
“The perfect package of football is a full, packed Anfield stadium, two really good teams, big fight, super goals and at the end Liverpool win.”
“So, a lot of these things are possible but Anfield will not be packed for a while. So that’s what we have to accept, that’s the only thing.
“It looks like it will be possible and it is in Germany already possible to play behind closed doors and the football games were really good; super
goals, real fight, tight games, clear games, clear results, a proper fight. Imagine, the first night is a little bit like, have a look here and there, how
will it work, how does it feel?
“But in Germany so many teams play for pretty much everything they want to stay in the league and that’s exactly the same what will happen in England.
“When we start, it goes really again for everything. The competition will make the intensity.”