It as been confirmed by Premier League that two staff at Watford and Burnley assistant manager Ian Woan also tested positive with Adrian Mariappa also confirming that he has tested positive for the virus.

Watford captain Troy Deeney who refused to resume training due to his baby who as difficulty in breathing. The Hornets forward spoke to Eddie Hearn and Tony Bellew on the Talk YouTube show. “It only takes one person to get infected within the group and I don’t want to be bringing that home.

“My son is only five months old. He had breathing difficulties, so I don’t want to come home to put him in more danger.”

 It is certaintly looking like the Watford captain did the right thing not to endanger his family.

Mariappa who had a session with telegraph newspaper said, ’I feel fit . It was a big surprise because I haven’t really left the house. Apart from some exercise and the odd walk with the kids, I’ve mainly just been homeschooling and keeping fit.

“My lifestyle is very quiet, certainly no parties or going out or anything, so I really don’t know how I got it.”

The Jamaica international said he has had no symptoms and felt “as fit as ever”.

He added: “It’s quite scary how you can feel absolutely fine and not really have left the house, and yet still get the virus.

“If it wasn’t for the fact I had gone back to training and had this test, then I’d never have found out that I had the virus and I would just be getting on with things as normal. That’s obviously quite a strange thought.”

The Premier league had previously identified 12 June for matches to possibly restart, but there is now an expectation this will need to be pushed back with the whole uncertainty.

Rumours are also spreading after Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante missed training over coronavirus fears. Kante was in training on Tuesday but was absent an Wednesday after he was given compassionate leave.