The body revealed a provisional schedule ahead of July 5 restart, in a bid to complete the season when it finally gets underway, teams have been advised to make use of their reserves.

Formula 1 chief Chase Carey has told F1 teams they are free to use their reserve drivers if any of the their two drivers test positive for coronavirus when the season resumes.

Carey said, there will be no cancellation of any race because an individual of a team test positive.

Each of the ten F1 team have two drivers and Carey expects all teams to have a backup in case of any positive test.

“An individual having been found with a positive infection will not lead to a cancellation of a race.”
“We encourage teams to have procedures in place so if an individual has to be put in quarantine, we have the ability to quarantine them at a hotel and to replace that individual.
“A team not being able to race wouldn’t cancel the race we will have a procedure in place that finding infection will not lead to a cancellation. If a driver has an infection, (the teams have) reserve drivers available.”