History is a narration of the events which have happened among mankind, including an account of the rise and fall of nations. There have always been stories around talking about the past that are told to younger ones or someone who missed the action.

In this article, I will make use of the word “Legend” . Legend as we all know it to be is someone with great legacy , but I am making use of Legend in literature . Legend is a folklore that consist of narrative featuring human actions perceived or believed both by the teller and listener to have taken place within human history .

Invisible Player’s

The India national team players were not seen when the match started but the opponent could see the ball moving like someone is playing it . Surely the players were the ones playing it but they were only invisible to the opponent but not to the fans and officials of the match . By the time they would kick the ball , the opposition defence and goalkeeper would know what to do because they couldn’t tackle invicibles and they didn’t know the intention of the Invincibles , maybe they wanted to shoot or pass .

Multiple Balls

The Indians used a trick that even if the goalkeeper was very good at his duties , he wouldn’t get this one . Whenever the shot is been played , the balls multiplied into 6 balls and the goalkeeper would go for a save but unfortunately he wouldn’t get the real ball . He would end up getting the fake one which is not real but just an air that looked like a ball before he dives for the real ball , goal has been scored already .

Ball Transformation

Juju has done it again, the potent India charm made the ball turn into a fiery blast anytime they shoot it across goal, whenever the goalkeeper tries to save it, he saw the fire and had to run so that he won’t get burnt. They were not done yet , as they metamorphosed the ball into an angry running lion. As an individual when you see danger, you flee for your safety. The ball transforms into a lion that runs towards the goalkeeper who attempts to save the ball. After the keeper runs for his life, the team conceds.

As a Nigerian, no matter the state you were given birth to or live, your uncle or daddy would have told you about the story of Nigerias defeat to India. It’s a popular match that virtually everyone knows and remembers it, even if the match wasn’t played .

At the end of the day when we grew up , when all knew it was an herecy .