When you hear the name Liverpool Football Club, expectations are high, regardless of the gender involved. Unfortunately, Liverpool Women, were relegated from the top tier division of the League, after an awful outing.

They played 14 games with just one victory and three draws recorded, isn’t that terrible? Despite the fact that some of the defeats were narrow, low-scoring ability propounded their woes. The F.A had to make a sporting outcome for WSL based, on PPG, over 10 days after the league was officially terminated.

With that action, Chelsea were crowned champion, while Liverpool Women were relegated to the second tier. The lack of equality between male and female football has been one issue that Pundits, fans have all expressed their satisfaction to. In fact, Shadow Minister, Alison Mcgovern, blame the ouster on the ‘lack of equality’.Meet the Liverpool FC Women squad for 2018-19 - Liverpool FC

“The difference between male and female football is too much, so bad that Liverpool, this same team won the title a couple of seasons ago” he continued, “i had to ask myself, why female football in general, but in Liverpool’s case, they give little regard for female football”.

Liverpool men have a training ground worth £50m, while the women team, still share training ground with Tranmere Rovers. After their training pitch was waterlogged. An unfortunate situation for Liverpool, i see it as huge disgrace for the club, with the pedigree they have attained. Chelsea boss, also expressed dissatisfaction to the pitch condition, calling it a “a stain on the club”.

Manger Vicky Jepson said the entire team were heartbroken, by the outcome of the standings, but ensured they will return bigger and better.After all, this blip won’t stop them from winning their first English Premier League title for over 30 years.

Like they say different strokes for different folks, former striker of the club Courtney Sweetman-Kirk, stated that the reds have suffered from ‘Slow, but obvious Decline’.

Sweetman who spent two years at the club, but left after the expiration of her contract, believed Liverpool management did not do enough to lay emphasis on female football in the club, instead it has been more attention to the male team.

This guys are are not clamoring for equal pay or equal treatment per-say but the margin between them, when it comes to preference. Maybe because of the low marketability of the team. In truth, the disparity is too much, comparing male football with female football.