The talk about Liverpool winning the English Premier League trophy without their fans are still up in the air. Recently Ex-player Steve McManaman said that title coronation without fans will be tinged disappointment. Winning the title without fans or declaring the league null and void, which one will Liverpool fans pick? we all know the answer.

As much as the presence of fans, will further boost the atmosphere, this is a situation that we are trying to make do with. The game been staged behind closed doors, was not planned, nobody foresaw this pandemic, only few even believed that the league would be restarted. Now, dying hopes are alive again, with Spanish La Liga, Bundesliga and football in Italy now Restarted.

Regardless of how the coronation comes, even if players maintain social distancing while celebrating, it is going down the record books. 30 years without top flight trophy is not worth hearing, for a club like Liverpool.

They had their eyes set on smashing Arsenal’s invincible record until that disappointing loss against Watford, now they have to start again. Apart from this they are records that could still be smashed, they can surpass Manchester City record points tally of 100 from 2017/2018. If they win their remaining games, they can reach 109.

Their record this season has no doubt has been phenomenal, would be considered incredible once they lift the trophy. Liverpool will face bitter rivals Everton in one of the most fierce rivalry clash in the English Premier League, that will be their first game since the league was suspended back in march.

Apart from Steve, captain fantastic Jordan Henderson have also express is own worry about how the fans will feel, a couple of others too. This guys are fully aware of the importance of sealing the title, first with less talk about their fans.

If the league coronation will be done without fans, how about some Premier League games, that was supposed to be played at home, but will have to be taken to neutral ground, how will those teams feel?. Whatever is done, this season in the EPL, clubs have to accept it in good fate.

With Premier League to resume on the 17th of June, it is looking increasingly likely Liverpool will crown the league after two games. Deservedly, they have waited over 30 years for this, and now is the time.