Late Moshood Abiola has passion, he has the drive that is presently missing in Nigeria sports administrators of today. It’s not about the money. The philanthropist didn’t make money off the Nigerian system. He was ready to invest in Nigerian Football.

Chief MKO as he was fondly called was an embodiment of greatness who was a gift to not just Nigeria but Africa in general. No wonder he was named the “pillar of sports” in Africa when he was alive.

He is late but his legacy lives forever. Flying Eagles media officer, Andrew Randa described Abiola has the biggest thing to have happened to Nigerian sports.

In an interview with OJB Sports, Randa said Abiola’s impact exceeds Nigeria.

“Moshood was the biggest thing to have happened to Nigerian football and sports in general. He is not tribalistic or partial towards any ethnic. Everything about him exceed Nigeria. He is an African icon not just Nigerian icon.

Randa also lauds Abiola’s giving spirit despite losing alot to a system that never paid him back.
“A lot of people are basically into sports because of what they can get. They want to give but want to get much more. Abiola was just there to give. For Abiola it was just a duty to give back. The passion he has for sports and helping people has nothing to do with him making money.

“He was losing alot but he didn’t stop despite not getting any money from the system. The system frustrated him till Abiola Babes got defunct. He is a giver not a taker, he is different from the administrators we have these days who give little but want to reap very plenty.

“Abiola practiced professionalism. He had people who can execute his plans the way it should be. He didn’t practice the square peg in the round hole”, Randa concluded.

For veteran journalist Godwin Enakhena, who is also the director of sports, Mountain of Fire Ministries Football Club, Nigeria is still looking for another Abiola.

“Today, Nigeria is still looking for another Abiola, no wonder he died for the cause trying to build Nigeria to a Nigeria of his dream.
“You can’t tell Abiola story in one hour”, Godwin said.

Godwin further described Abiola as an unselfish human who didn’t just live for sports but for humanity.
“If you limit MKO Abiola’s impact to just football, you are doing great injustice to his family and what he lives for. MKO didn’t live for football, he lives for sports, he lives for humanity, we must not forget this.

“When we talk about club owners, he defined who a club owner was. We don’t have club owner in Nigeria again. Chief MKO Abiola ran football the way it should be run. He wasn’t a selfish club owner, he was someone who looked at his players and wish the best for them even beyond football.

“He knew there was life after football, he didn’t care wether Abiola Babes was going to fall instead he helped build his players lives.”

Chief Moshood Kasimawo Abiola might have gone with the wind some 22 years ago but his foot prints are there to see and to follow.

Keep resting in peace, Nigeria’s greatest sports administrator.