In the footballing world– Making money is the goal for every football clubs in the world, mostly when it comes to selling of young prospect at a high prices and the player’s agent playing a big role in the deals involving with the big football clubs who have money to spend.

In the early 2000’s buying young player’s from small clubs wasn’t that expensive for the like of Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Barcelona to afford. Because back then the football economy was just starting to grow from small sponsorship deals to having investors investing in football clubs.

Back then young players where hungry to play, they seize the opportunity well when playing for the big boys in Europe and they don’t care about the price tag that was paid to get them or the salaries they earn.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Sergio Ramos, Sergio Aguero are good example of players that where bought at their early youth with the prices less than €50 million for each of them signed to Manchester United, Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid respectively. They all showed their worth and end up becoming word class players that we all see in their clubs.

Is he over priced ?

In the present world – The media hype are one of the problem of young players, this make them look like they are the best player in the world, the club place a huge price tag on them in which they are not worthy of, they end up not fulfilling their potentials at the big clubs in Europe and end up been a flop or tackled by the same media for been over priced. Only few players have been able to justify the amount paid to acquire their services “Kylian Mbappe” the young striker was able to justify his pay by Paris saint German who acquired him for €145 million.

There are players who haven’t been able to live up to the hype, like Ousmane Dembele and Jao Felix, the two forwards have been struggling with injuries and haven’t been able to adapt to the style of play of their clubs(Barcelona and Athletic Madrid) in respectively, with both clubs coughing out more than €100 million in which the clubs sees them as the future players that will be able to boost their attack.

Young players are been over priced because of how the transfer market is now, they aren’t worth the hype they receive until they reach their potential and grow in their games. The right age to buy a player should be above 24 years of age.