NBA Veteran Kendrick Perkins turned NBA Analyst, has expressed dissatisfaction to Kevin Durant calling him a ‘ Sell out’. That statement from Kevin Durant definitely did not go down well with Perkins, as the latter planned to address the matter on ‘First Take’, a program on ESPN which he did.

The address form Perkins

“Just because i don’t agree with Kyrie, don’t mean i am not fighting the same fight that we all are fighting, i am fighting for African Americans, that does not make me a sell out, that does not make you a sell out because i have a different opinion”

Kendrick then continue to explain his experience as a African American
“You don’t know what i am going through right now fighting the fight, i leave in a million dollar community and i am fighting the fight with my neighbor almost everyday, we don’t allow our kids go out without supervision, because 2 miles away from my side a teenager was hanged to death, i have to drive my oldest son to school to go to his work out.

I have been on multiple platforms, i have used my social media to fight against this, you can go look on my Twitter, Instagram. I was one of the first to call out NBA Owners taking action”
Still addressing the tag, Perkins took KD down the memory lane, on how they share thoughts together.

“i Remember this day, like it was yesterday, May 11th Mothers Day, 2011, you and i met going through personal problems, you came to my room, we cry together until we confined in each other, and so KD for you to call your brother a sell out, you know what my love means for you, i still have that love for you my brother”

Fellow NBA pundits Stephen A Smith, have joined Perkins to slam, Durant for making such claims.

Kendrick Perkins is a one-time NBA champion with the Boston Celtics, played for OKC Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers and the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Date for the NBA restart has been fixed to July 1, after the emergence of COVID-19, led to the suspension of the league on March 11th. According to the recent development it will be just 22 teams participating in the remainder of the season, the remaining 8 ousted out for the season.

Kevin Durant should miss the entire season, had it be that i has gone as scheduled, now the Brooklyn Nets will welcome him back, once he is confirmed fit for the remainder of the season.