Nigeria Professional League club Lobi Stars has rejected with the points per game method used in deciding the 2019/2020 NPFL season.

Seventeen club chairmen voted on Sunday to end the league which has been affected by coronavirus. The PPG method sees Lobi Stars dropped down from third place to fourth on the table thus missing out on the CAF Confederation Cup.

Having released a statement showing their discontentment, OJBSports linked up with the Media Officer of the Makurdi based team, Austin Tyowua who spoke at length on why they won’t accept such decision. Austin revealed they are not against ending the league but against adjusting the table via the PPG.

“We are not against League cancellation, we are not against awarding the league to Plateau United. What we are against is adjusting the league table using the points per game system. The league table has a standing, Plateau United are number 1, Rivers United are number 2 and Lobi Stars number three.”

Austin insisted a match that is not played doesn’t have a result.
In Football, FIFA encourages all matches to be played, there is no way a team that has played lesser matches will have an advantage over a team with more matches. A match that is not played doesn’t have result.

There is no way a team with 20 games have an advantage over a team with 25 games. The law says straight away that after the first round, there will be second round. Most Enyimba games accumulated, two of their five matches are first round matches.”

It is not against the spirit of fair play to carry first round matches into the second round. Whosever was allowing Enyimba to accumulate matches didn’t do them a favor because Rangers were on the continent as well. Their (Rangers) only match at hand is against Enyimba which means something is wrong on the other side.”

He further said Enyimba’s accumulation of games is a way of manipulation to favor them.

Enyimba has a way of accumulating these matches. They use it to manipulate towards the end of the league when clubs have taken position on the league. Some won’t have anything to play for again, either to win the league or even go to relegation and compromises are easy to reach at that time. The more matches you accumulate, the more adventageous it will be.”

Now that the person accumulating matches for Enyimba thought they are doing them a favor and Enyimba have found themselves in a position where sporting activities can’t take place, the same advantage Enyimba were looking for that turned to disadvantage cannot through the back door turn to an advantage to them.”

He made reference to the French Ligue One where despite almost equality of matches played, teams affected by PPG still dragged LFP to court and got a fair judgement.

“In France, there were still equality of games to an extent which would have given PPG some credence, but even at that, three teams (Amiens, Toulouse and Lyon) took LFP to court and got judgement.”

Only Amiens and Toulouse got a fair judgement as they were reinstated back to the league being relegated . Lyon however failed in their appeal and missed out of Europe for the first time since 1997.

How do you compare that to NPFL where there are more inequality of matches played.
That is the position of Lobi Stars. We are not against the league being stopped but against PPG”,
he concluded.

Lobi Stars and Akwa United were the two teams that didn’t participate at all in the voting on Sunday.