Football managers, are the tacticians who map out game plans on how to defeat their opponents off the pitch, they dish out instructions to the players on the field with their assistants beside them.

Pep guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Jurgen klopp, Roberto mancini, Carlo ancelotti to mention a few are all top football managers in the game – They have been able to succeed with different football clubs in different countries in Europe by winning countless of trophies and individual award ( coach of the month, coach of the season, coach of the year) around the globe.

There are new school of managers in the footballing world who are mostly ex- footballers, who have been able to attend coaching school to acquire the coaching batch licence and later gathering experience as an assitant to the coaches at the top level
As a retired footballers opportunities come in different forms of work like working as an administrator in a club, acting as a football pundits on television and radio or end up as a manager – Which is the dream of all past players in the games to coach the club they played in.

Most of the new generation of football managers that have been able to fair well as a coach like Steven Gerard, Frank Lampard, Zinedine Zidane, Ryan Giggs for their clubs and Country. With Zinedine Zidane the key instigator of the new school managers by winning trophies in Real Madrid mostly winning the UEFA Champions League thrice on a roll from 2016 to 2018.

While others haven’t been able to replicate what their mates are doing with Thierry Henry, Clearance Seedorf and Garry Neville among the few who haven’t been able to deliver at the world stage with them leaving the clubs they managed fighting for relegation and later running back to been a football pundit.

As the veteran managers are getting old and on their way to retirement, This open more rooms for the new school managers who are coming up to add a new tactics to the game, they should be given more chances and add patient to prove their worth as the newbies manager.