Enyimba football club chairman Felix Anyansi-Agwu has blasted Lobi Stars for their handling of the recent voting done by NPFL club chairmen to bring the 2019/2020 football season to a close.

Felix speaking on a sports program tagged “Mid-day Sports” on Pensioners 106.7FM Ibadan, criticized Lobi Stars unprofessional handling of the matter via their media officer Austin Tyowua.

“I am surprised by the words coming out from a so called organization”, he began.

If the media officer is the one running Lobi Stars, I think we should know but if Lobi is a responsible organization, then they should know how to address an issue like this because this is not a child’s play.

We talking about a process, this is suppose to be an internal thing. Group of sports administrators came together to cast a vote on the way forward for the organization which they represent.

“17 people agreed but only one person is coming out in public saying words that are not identified with football. If 17 people agreed and one is in disagreement with the plan, then you can assume the rest.

It’s not proper the way they are pushing their agenda to the public because this is supposed to be internal among clubs alone.”

The two time winner of CAF Manager of the year revealed he doesn’t have issues with Benue state sponsored team but advised them to be careful and protect the image of their organization.

“I am not going to join words with the media of Officer of Lobi, I don’t have anything to do with him but I will advise that they should be extra careful about the kind of utterances that comes from them. They should be aware they are an organization and their image should be protected.

They shouldn’t be exposing themselves in the public, that’s too bad because they might not recover.”

The 55-year old further said the final decision lies with the League Management Company (LMC) as they [club chairmen] only recommended a plan.

LMC have not even come out with a position yet”, he said

Club owners met and recommended a plan and we had a lone voice. This plan shouldn’t have even be in the public in the first place. The final decision lies with the LMC. They have the final say.

“I don’t want to be bias, the club owners are not the ones taking decision, the decision still remains with the custodian of the league.
It was just a proposal which I think is even better.

“We are not the one running the league, we only gave an option to LMC. An option that could save the present situation and I don’t think it’s a bad option.”

Felix who oversees Enyimba winning two CAF Champions League back to back in the year 2003 and 2004 said if the Makurdi based team have an issue with the plan, they should file a petition through the right channel.

“If Lobi Stars have issues with the recommended plan, they can walk up to the league organizers, send a petition to them in a proper way. Not by coming to the public and dance naked.

I have nothing against someone having a different opinion. There is no way everybody can have the same opinion.

Lobi is entitled to their own opinion but if out of 20 teams, 17 voted, do they think they don’t know what they are doing. Are they [Lobi] the only wise one.

Lobi have a chance, if they feel they have the answers, they should also put it on the table and pass it through the proper channel and not to ridicule themselves in Public.”

When questioned if the points per game system will be a favour to his team, he replied, nobody is doing any club a favour.

“When you talk about Plateau United, Rivers United and Enyimba representing Nigeria, did anybody do them a favor? Is it by appointment?

Are these clubs the one that brought out this rule? Is the issue at hand about who represents Nigeria. Are we not going to do it on merit and who is more qualified to represent Nigeria.

Felix berates Lobi Stars saying they are not even one of the top three teams in the league.

“If it’s a favor and you are going to look for the best, are you going to tell me that Lobi is the best to represent Nigeria when it comes to quality representation. Will you count them amongst these three teams if it comes to that.

I have issue with way Lobi went about their agenda. Everything done shouldn’t have been in public”, he concluded.

Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) came out yesterday saying they are still consulting stakeholders on how to bring the season to a close.

The world is waiting a final decision from appropriate quarters.