Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is reportedly in talks with La-Liga giants over a move to Camp Nou.

The Spanish club has lined up the Arsenal skipper as an alternative if they couldn’t sign their primary target Laturo Martinez.

The La Liga president is about impose a restriction, which will be official very soon that limits the investments for spanish clubs especially Barcelona, Atletico Madrid & Real Madrid . They will only be able to invest 25% of their sales revenue. This makes a move for Lautaro Martinez extremely difficult according to reports from [@DiMarzio].

Barcelona’s 1st team players took a 70% wage reduction and the clubs also moved forward with Spanish labour legislation to apply for an ERTE [Temporary Reduction of Employment Action] for other employees. The government will pay 70% of the lost wages up to a certain amount according to @ESPNFC deal for Lautaro Martinez is looking very difficult at the moment and his €111 million release clause expires in 2 weeks.

Aubameyang on the other hand has refused a contract extension at Arsenal which has been on the table for a long time. At the moment it seems the French born striker will be leaving the North London club soon having made it clear that he need to win trophies at this stage of his career, and that ambition seems very unlikely at Arsenal at the moment giving the situation the club is at now.