Midway through the season, Liverpool was certainly going to win the league, then COVID-19 pandemic sets in, uncertainty rolls in, Liverpool players, fans, and even football fans where placed under oblivion. While the pandemic has caused it pandemonium, and now it seems the Pandemic is subsiding, the long-term dream will finally come to the past for the Reds.

Liverpool will need defending champions, Manchester City to drop points today, when they face Chelsea, in a blockbuster encounter. That draw against bitter rivals Everton last Sunday delayed their coronation, will now hope Chelsea get a point or more off city today.

The Reds have been chasing this title for over 30 years, they came closer in the 2014 season, when captain fantastic Steven Gerrard slipped to allow Demba Ba, score. That was the game that slowed down Liverpool chances of winning the league.

Last season they were unfortunate to have lost the title to Manchester City, they lost just one game all season but draws accumulated made things worst for them. The last day of the 2018/19 English Premier League season, was full of drama. It was Liverpool up against Newcastle and Manchester City against Brighton. The Reds needed Manchester City to drop points against Brighton, a victory over Newcastle will make them win the league. Manchester city concede first through Murray’s goal via a corner kick, but Pep Guardiola men, rallied to dispatch their opponent emphatically.

Now there is no-stopping the Reds from sealing the title this time, with 23 points lead, it is unassailable. They got their first win of the restart, on Wednesday when the best Crystal Palace 4-0 at Anfield.

If Manchester City beat Chelsea today, then Liverpool will have to wait, when they face the aforementioned Manchester-based side. A game which would very crucial, it hurts City if Liverpool wins it against them, but only time will tell if that will happen.

Once the Reds are confirmed as champions, It will rap up a good past 14 months for them, where they won the UEFA Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup, and UEFA Super League.

The Glory days have been rekindled, Liverpool fans all around the globe awaiting impatiently to be confirmed champion of the English Premier League, despite having 18 top-flight titles already.