The National Basketball Association as finally announced they have finished season restart plans, on Friday. Fixtures to expect have been slated and confirmed. NBA games was suspended in March due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver have stated that, they are ready to start the season, even though they register few positive cases in the League. Silver posited the only case that could allow the season to be cancelled will be rampant cases of the virus.

Meanwhile, as part of plans to kick start season, the NBA released fixtures of games to expect. Let look at the some important information for the season restart.

1) Maximum of Seven games Per day.
2) Start of games, will range from ET 9p.m ET.
3) There are three total courts. Two of them are set up for nationally televised games.
OJBSPORTS recollect that the top eights teams in each conference were picked alongside six teams (With One in the Eastern Conference and five in the Western Conference) That are six of the eight seed in their various conferences, when the league season was suspended on March 11.

In, all this sides will play eight “seeding games” which will commence from the 30th of July, then a typical play-off format will culminate in October. In a case where the team in the 9th position finish within four games of the team in 8th position, that would trigger a play-inscenario in which the team in the 9th position would have beat the team in 8th position twice in a row to steal their playoff spot.

This would start on August 15 and 16, with the playoffs taking place in August 17.
Such a play-in scenario would take place on Aug. 15 and 16, with the playoffs beginning on Aug. 17.
The season will restart on the 30th of July, when LA Lakers takes on LA Clippers and the New Orleans Pelicans battles the Utah Jazz.

Six other games will follow this, on the 31st of July, when Memphis Grizzlies takes on Portlan Trail Blazers , Boston Celtics faces Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Buck’s side. Dallas Mavericks will hope star man, Luka Doncic will be fit for their clash against James Harden’s Houston Rockets.

Well, for those fans who are anxiously waiting to dive back into the sports, there will be no shortage of televised games nationally.

Fortunately for basketball fans desperate to dive back into the sport, there will be no shortage of nationally televised games in Orlando.