Nigeria National League (NNL) media officer Amar Ignis has revealed that teams from the second tier of Nigerian league does not deserve promotion.

NNL teams and officials have been waxing lyrical due to the recent recommendation of no promotion or relegation from the Nigeria Professional League (NPFL) which means no team from the second division will be promoted to the first division, some calling it unfair.

In a chat with OJBSPORT, Amar said NNL lacks structure but advised the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to pay more attention to the league.

“NNL since December took a break due to financial issues, logistics issues. The club owners came together and said there are lots of irregularities, officiating, and lack of money to run the league”, Amar said.

“They were trying to resolve how to restart the NNL before the Coronavirus virus pandemic came.

“NNL has no sponsor; the deal with the previous sponsor has ended. It is not easy to run the league; NNL spent almost six million every week to run the league.

“If the first division of any league in the world is cancelled, it affects the lower leagues. The reason for the points per game (PPG )in NPFL is just to pick teams that will represent Nigeria at the continental level since the presidency has put it out that no sporting events for now in the country.

“I am not just a media officer or a journalist, I am a past football administrator to a large extent. There should be nothing like promotion in the NNL.

“Some clubs have played three matches or two. Is that enough for you to start talking about PPG?” Amar concluded.

Nigeria National League Club Owners and Managers Association (NALCOMA) and NNL is set to meet via a virtual meeting today to finalize how to conclude the league