Crown FC coach, Oladunni Oyekale has blamed the lack of sponsorship as the main reason why NNL was halted. He made this known in a chat with OJBSPORT.

In his words, it’s not fair enough that non between 3SC and Crown FC couldn’t get promotion, looking at the amount of money, the Oyo State Government has spent on them.

“it is not fair that non between us will get promoted considering the finances and energy put in by the Oyo state government.”

Oyekale believes there is nothing they can do to solve the current situation, as the pandemic has caused some hullabaloo, but reiterates the fact that, Shooting Stars and Crown FC stand a good chance of promotion, with the way they started the league.

“This development is as a result of the pandemic and there is nothing we can do about it. Both 3sc and crown fc have good advantage of getting promoted if the league had continue but the pandemic is the spoiler. I feel bad because we have worked hard to get to where we were before the Corona virus came.”

The aforementioned Crown FC coach do not want to blame anybody for the current predicament, but resigns the League need major sponsors to curb happenings like this.

The league lost its previous sponsorship deal, and presently lacks the fund to run the league.

He also suggested that whatever fund that comes from FIFA and CAF to be used for football development, the second division should also have their share, the organizers said.

It is almost certain that Shooting Stars and Crown FC will not get promoted, Oyekale posited that, it is all down to the Rules governing the NNL.

“It is a case of  force major that stopped the league so it depend on what the rules guiding the league says, then the NNL Congress take a decision and make it known to the custodian of football in Nigeria which is the NFF to rectify there decisions.”

OJBSPORT recollect that the Majority of the NNL teams voted against promotion to the Nigeria top flight division.

The decision on how to end the present 2019/2020 season was pending and these among other issues were iron out during the virtual meeting.

Top of the agenda was the no promotion from the NNL to the top flight and no relegation from the NNL to National League Division One (NLO) recommendation.

Not just the Nigeria National League, The Nigeria Professional Football also has it own brouhaha