The Los Angeles Lakers have officially confirmed the signing of free agent JR Smith, who has not played a professional Basketball game since November 2018.

The Lakers opted for the move after one of their most important player, Avery Bradley, pulled out of the team heading to Orlando, to complete the remainder of the season.  Ordinarily, a big signing wouldn’t have materialized because no top player would be willing to leave their club, at this point in time.

Smith is 34-year-old, who can play as a shooting guard or small forward, he as played for, The New Orleans Hornet, Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He won the NBA Championship with the Cleveland Cavs, in 2016, clinching The NBA Sixth Man of The Year, 3 years earlier.

One of the reason why this move materialized, was that Lebron James and JR Smith have an obvious connection, but the latter ability to space-floor, and could come with some spots up, three-pointers.

The importance of Avery Bradley to LA Lakers cannot be underestimated, one of the most reliable 3-pointers in the team. Avery’s perimeter-defense have been pivotal to the Lakers recent success.

The Veteran Shooting Guard, is not the only Laker to have been out of professional match ups, for sometime, all 22 teams will be dealing with the nearly five-month layoff from basketball action.
Smith may not get playing time as expected, as the lits of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Alex Caruso have not really played when Avery Bradley was in.

However, with the No. 1 seed all but locked up at this point for the Lakers, the eight-game seeding schedule can be used as a tune-up for players like Smith to see what he can bring to the table.