The Champions of the English Premier League Liverpool, fell to a humiliating 5-0 loss against Manchester City in a one-sided clash at the Etihad Stadium.

The Citizens opened the scoring in the 25th minute of the game, when Belgian Kelvin De Bruyne tuck home a cool penalty, sending the goal-keeper the wrong way. Former Liverpool player Raheem Sterling, met Phil Foden’s pass with a perfect cut-back, before slotting the second into the Net.

Liverpool thought they still had the chance to turn things around but Phil who sets up the second goal turns the scorer of the third goal.

With the First-Half of the game ending with a 3-0 Manchester City lead, Liverpool had little or no chance of getting something out of the game. 

They came into the Second Half with purpose this time, they had a better part of the possession briefly, but it was more of possession lacking penetration for the Reds.

Liverpool had some shouts for penalty, which the VAR found out to be a Free-Kick. Trent Alexander Arnold could not make good use of the Free-Kick. Manchester City then break from a loose ball by Arnold, Raheem Sterling skillfully pulls the ball away from a Liverpool player, before his shot hit the leg of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and then rolls into the net.

Riyahd Mahrez was able to squeeze in the 5th goal of the game for Manchester City, after a nice run away from a Liverpool player, to play the ball pass Alisson.

This disappointing loss from Liverpool, obviously can’t take the trophy away from them, but Manchester City would be happy with the Scoreline.

Liverpool were confirmed Champions of the English Premier League without kicking the ball when Chelsea defeated Manchester City by 2-1 last week. With this defeat over Manchester City The Reds now have 6 games to go, will sets sight on smashing some records.

Liverpool will next take on Aston Villa, at the Anfield Stadium, but Manchester City will travel to the St Mary’s to face Southampton.