Leicester City Manager Brendan Rodger has revealed that he’s departure from Celtic wasn’t a forced one, as he moved from the Glasgow based team for a smaller club when he moved from Park Head to Leicester City in February 2019.

During his time with the Hoops, he won the domestic trophies in Scotland which marked an incredible reign of success before parting ways with the Scottish giants.

Despite his departure, Celtic went on to defend both the league and the Scottish Cup under the watchfull eyes of Neil Lennon to complete a treble Treble. fallout

Rodgers’ controversial decision to end his affairs with Cletic has divided the house in Glasgow despite his unprecedented success.

He has now come out to clear the air on any notion that he was so desperate to depart Glasgow.

Rodgers revealed that his decision was from the urge from him to challenge himself at the highest level and was drawn to the challenge by changing the fortunes of the Foxes by turning into a top six Premier League six.

On The Gaffer Tapes with Mike Calvin podcast , he said: “It wasn’t just a get up and go. It probably seemed that because of the situation but the club was in a really good situation.

“We had won seven trophies in a row, we’d created a professional mindset within the squad and within the culture.

“The team were able to go and win the league by nine points and go on and win the next two cup competitions and achieve the Treble treble.

“I was then given the opportunity to come to Leicester, which isn’t as big a club as Celtic of course but the challenge and professional challenge of taking a club into the top six was going to be a huge challenge for us.

“And that is something at every club I have gone into I have always wanted”. He concluded.