Hugo Lloris and Son Heung-min had a burst up at half time in the match against Everton on Monday, and Jose Mourinho has revealed that the dressing room is peaceful.

The Spurs skipper and the South Korean had to be separated as they went towards the tunnel at half-time during the clash.

The Special one told the press that Hugo Lloris and Son Heung-min let go of their differences in the dressing room at half-time after their burst up on the field.

The French man pushed Son and said unpleasant words at him, as both players had to be separated by Giovani Lo Celso.

Son became paranoid and he reacted angrily, but he was stopped as Argentine playmaker Lo Celso led him down the tunnel and Lloris was kept back by Harry Winks.

The duo were seen to be in a friendly atmosphere again as the team returned from the dressing room for the second half, and Jose Mourinho Torchlighted how they settled the rift..

“In this moment I’m the last one to arrive to the dressing room because I come from the other side, because you know that our dressing rooms are now on the other side to the bench,” Mourinho revealed.

“So when I was arriving I just saw the back of it. I was not in there. When I arrived in dressing room everything was over and they were hugging each other.

“What happened was the last minute of the first half a Richarlison shot was diagonal from right side, Hugo thought that in that minute of the game the attacking players should do a little bit more and he was arguing with Sonny .

“When I arrived at half-time I just wanted the players to understand that I was very happy with that. Very happy with that. When I told them that I think they realised that nothing wrong and let’s move on.”

Lloris had been upset by Son not tracking back to help the defence, with Spurs only one goal up.

Gary Neville who was in the studio for Sky Sports opines that: “I wish they showed that much fire on the pitch.”

Head Coach Jose Mourinho had revealed that he was to blame for the fiery clash between his players.

“It’s beautiful,” he said. “It’s probably as a consequence of our meetings. If you want to blame someone for that, it’s me.

“I was critical of my boys – they were not critical enough with themselves. I asked them to be more demanding of each other.”

Giovani Lo Celso’s shot that came off Michael Keane for an own goal, was the only goal in the match and it proved to be the winner for Spurs as Tottenham edged the Everton Ian’s to a 1-0 victory.

The result lifted them back into eighth, a point behind rivals Arsenal who they face on Sunday.