Danish and Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel, has come out to say he is saddened with Dean Henderson and David de Gea’s issue of Henderson, challenging De Gea for the No.1 shirt in the near future.

Peter Schmeichel wishes that the Dean Henderson David de Gea debate be ‘killed off’ as he doesn’t feel the 23-year-old has what it takes to upsurge David de Gea, he says he has to play a lot of first-team football before he can challenge the Red Devils No.1.

Dean Henderson’s phenomenal performances since he joined the Blades on a two-year loan deal has made United faithfuls request for the youngster to take over the helm of affairs in goal as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Since the 2018 FIFA World Cup David has been making errors for both for club and country, recently in the 1-1 draw with Tottenham three weeks ago, he committed a howler and has added fuel to the debate. Given this is Henderson’s first season as a starter in the English League, the Dane feels it is so early to anoint him as United’s no 1 goalie.

“I’m really unhappy with this debate about Dean Henderson,’ Schmeichel told the MUTV Group Chat.

“He’s played less than a season at Sheffield United, they’ve had a season coming from absolutely nowhere, a season of dreams in the Premier League. Now, to play for Sheffield United and to play for Manchester United, it’s two different things. It cannot be compared.

“The pressures are different, the attention of what you do and what you can get away with playing for Sheffield United, and not get away with playing for Manchester United – it’s two different worlds.

“Now I would say anyone that is going to go in after De Gea needs to be someone who is hugely experienced.

“We cannot have somebody that needs to be carried by the rest of the team. We all agree that we need to do something about the centre-half situation, so you cannot have a young goalkeeper who is more than anything – it’s probably not him, it’s probably the people behind him – trying to promote him into this position.

“I would like this debate to be killed off straight away and then say, “David de Gea is our number one goalkeeper

“He’s still a young lad by the way, he can play on for another 10 years. So let’s just back him, and let’s just keep that bit of it stable. We’ve seen this before, we’ve seen it before with other young English goalkeepers that the media picks up on and thinks, Hey, we’ve got the next Gordon Banks

“And it could be, I don’t know. But he needs to play a lot more first-team football in order to be pushing David de Gea in any way.

“I think we should, even as former players and pundits talking about the game, we should support what we have, because we know what we have is really good.” He said,