The Nigeria Women League no doubts has been in existence for years, since 1990 to be precise, it has been so devastating that nothing much has been done to improve female football in this part of the continent.

I must confess, it hurts to see the way female football is been treated. Administrators seems unbothered by the controversies surrounding it, deaf ears have been turned to the cries of current and ex female of football players who have slammed the current status of the league, everything not just working.

Then what is wrong? The league has ‘no Structure’, lacks that lead, owes players salary. A whole lot of factors have watered down, the credibility of female football , not just in Nigeria, all over the globe. Nobody is coming to the rescue. All they want is to get some ‘rabba’, to feed their selves.

I won’t be suprised if this article does not appear pleasant in eyes of those that should be fronting the fight against the careless treatment of female football here in Nigeria. After all, this all we have reiterated in times past.

Truth be told, the achievements of Nigeria female teams in various competition should be enough to speak about the importance of female football in Nigeria. I remember quite well, when the Super Falconets got to the final of the U20 womens world cup in 2010 and 2014. They had a stellar campaign in 2010 when they dispatched two of worlds heavyweight, the United State of America and Colombia on their way to reach the final, which they eventually lost against Germany.

Listing those achievement by Nigeria female team, will add unnecessary longevity to this article. Female football and male football cannot be on the same level, but the margin of difference is mind blowing. In terms of wages, interest and sponsorship.

With a little digress from Nigeria, a survey was conducted on top tier Women Super League players in England earnings, it came out that 88% of players earn 18,000 pounds a year, while 58% are thinking of quiting for financial reason. This summarizes the financial strength of these clubs, or probably the little attention placed on the league.

Women go through a lot in the society today, they are vulnerable to some things, even outside football. Recently we had the rape scandal, violence etc, all of this thwarting towards female. Sports should be one of the way to show them that they remain an integral part of the society. This may look absurd to some, but it all start from something like this.

Until, we are able to set-out rules that will necessitate the nearly equal treatment between both male and female in most sectors, then this brouhaha will be put to rest.

Let’s take a look at players wages, the money female footballers earn in some top-flight leagues could be going shoulder to shoulder with what some academy team earns. In Nigeria, inconsistency in payment of athletes wages, is in almost all sectors, not just in female football, but that does not make it right. Like a popular saying, ‘Two wrongs does not make it right.’
The abnormal is now the normal. Was stupefied when i saw that some female football players are owed here in Nigeria, despite the non-bouyancy of the amount they earn.

With all this said, i hope the right move will be taken to curb this menace all over the world.

Female Football deserve more attention!!! Lets sound it to their ears.