Outrageous VAR decisions continue to ravage in football since it’s use in the 2019/2020 season. Last night actions in the Premier League was no exception with the three matches at one point witnessing some questionable VAR decisions.

Tottenham witnessed VAR controversial decisions in their previous match between Sheffield United, also seeing same in the match last night between Bournemouth. King appeared to push Kane on the back as he is setting himself ready to head the balll and get fouled by him. The referee, Paul Tierney, did not award a penalty and Micheal Oliver who was the Video assistant referee choose not to intervene.

The match between Aston Villa and Manchester United saw the away team benefitting from a poor judgement. Moments after Trezeguet hut the post for Villa, United won a penalty which Fernandes converted to set them on their way to a 3-0 win. The Portuguese pirouetted on the ball and appeared to catch Villa defender Ezri Kinda leg, but referee Jon Moss awarded a penalty,a decision overlooked by the VAR.

Aston Villa Dean Smith said “I can understand getting it wrong (referee) but I don’t know what VAR are looking at. They have a screen they can go look at it but they don’t seem to be bothered. It’s a disgraceful decision.”

In the game between Southampton and Everton, Southampton was awarded a penalty, although Ward-Prowse missed the penalty as he hit the crossbar. Ward Prowse appeared to fall into the standing Andre Gomes. Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti said “The performance of the referee was like my team, not so good.”

The lack of pitchside monitor in the Premier League makes it hard to make decisions by the referee. It is against the general guidance by FIFA.

FIFA, in a letter told all 211 associations on the 29th of June that the pitchside monitor will be used extensively in the coming years. Hopefully better decisions and minimal errors in the league.