Oyo State Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Honourable Seun Fakorede, on Sunday afternoon delivered a massive update on his progress, as a COVID-19 patient.

The youngest commissioner confirmed he had two subsequent COVID-19 test, showing thesame positive results. Even though he remains asymptomatic, the Commissioner urged the people not to panic.

“In the spirit of giving you all a honest update about my COVID-19 situation — the two subsequent confirmation tests I’ve taken came back positive, still. Yet, I remain asymptomatic, with no symptoms whatsoever. Don’t panic please — I am very well, hale and hearty. #COVID19”

Seun Fakorede then acknowledge how is battling with the virus, plus support given to him by the NCDC personnel during this period.

“My immune system is fighting this so strongly, I believe.”

I was told by the NCDC personnels that I’m not in this alone. So while I don’t understand the operation of this virus or why the tests keep coming back positive “

The Honourable commissioner admonished those with similar cases not to be perturbed by the Virus, he further sounded some warnings to those who feels COVID-19 does not exist, to abstain from such thoughts, as they Virus still exist in the society.

“I’m taking every pound of strength in me to encourage everyone out there with similar cases. Don’t be dismayed, we will win.”

Frankly, COVID-19 is still very much with us, don’t let your guards down, this is the time to further intensify your defence against this univiting virus”

He rounded-off his note of update and advice to the people by urging them to stick to COVID-19 directives, as well as telling them to put him in prayers.

“Follow the COVID-19 Task Force directives.

Again, I say, this is not a death sentence — please stay safe, protect yourself, protect those around you.

Keep me in your prayers — I wish you an amazing week ahead. Happy Sunday!”

Seun Fakorede has been in isolation for weeks now, nursing the Virus. One can only hope and pray that, Hon. Seun Fakorede recuperates quickly from the virus.