Oyo state will witness a paradigm shift in grassroots sports development, Oyewunmi Oluwatobi Ayoyinka, the Special Assistant to the Oyo state governor on grassroots sports development said.

The future of sports at the grassroots level in the Pacesetter state has been alarming for the past nine years, but, with the present government on board led by Engineer Seyi Makinde, there is going be a drastic change that will blow off the mind of Oyo state citizens.

Speaking on a grassroots development sports program tagged Sports Drill on Pensioners 106.7FM Ibadan anchored by Raymond Tolulope, Oluwatobi gave assurances of great things to be expected as far as sports is concerned in the state.

Sports will change your life, without grassroots development of sport, we cannot go anywhere. People rate athletes according to their participation and success in international competition. The only way you can get these superstars is when you develop them through the grassroots, the Osun State indigene said.

Tobi who was appointed on the 15th of January, 2020 disclosed that due to the plans already proposed, they can’t wait for sports to return to the state.

“Sports is all about the activities you put in place alongside the facilities. Presently due to the coronavirus pandemic, sports has been on hold but we aching for the resumption of sports in Oyo state.

Before the pandemic came, there had already been laid out plans. We had written letters to organizations, multinational companies, we discussed various functions, how they can be partnering with us.

Government can’t take over all the burden. We need new techniques, new ways of imbibing sports into the culture of Oyo state.

“There were plans for the Oyo state Governor’s Cup which is for football development, Another thing is we also look at how to grow other sports. In the next three-four years, let’s see where we get to in other sports.

The plans have been laid down. The only thing is let sport return and the media will have so many news to report.

Sport is going to witness a change not just in Ibadan but all over Oyo State.

There is a groundbreaking development that is coming up which I am not at liberty to say but it will blow your mind, it will blow the mind of every citizen in Oyo state because sports is going to be a household name in the state, we are going back to the top.

Ibadan is the capital of the state, it might be easier to put all plans in Ibadan alone, the University of Ibadan graduate, assured that development will reach every zone in the state.

When I was appointed, the first thing I did was to speak with every the super for sport in each local government in the state. I have been able to talk to twenty five.

We had a conversation on how we can imbibe sports in their local area and they told us that the major problem is the lack of sporting facilities. Every major zone in the state are still lacking facilities.

Sports development in other zones is coming up soon, it is not just Ibadan. This is Oyo state, the Ibarapa, Ogbomoso, Oke-Ogun, all these places will witness development.

Governor Seyi Makinde is a visionary man, is a man of foresight that is why I said there is a groundbreaking development coming up soon and it will blow our mind”, he concluded.

Oyo state sports has been below par over the years, the state can’t wait for this ground breaking development.