English Premier League side, Watford have parted ways with manager Nigel Pearson and Assistant Greg Shakespeare. Despite getting two victories from their past four Premier League games with the Hornets.

Although Watford have not released any official statement as to the sack of Pearson and Shakespeare, but reports suggests the duo have been shown the door.

The Hornets still have a gargantuan task to escape relegation with two games left to the end of the season, currently ranked 17th, 3-points away from closest rival Bournemouth in 18th place.

John Terry who is the assistant coach at Aston Villa appears to be the front-runner to  becoming their next manager, continuing from unfinished Nigel Pearson ‘Escape Relegation’ mission.

The reason for Nigel Pearson sack still unknown, despite been in an relatively fine form with the team, after they had amassed two vital wins against Norwich City and Newcastle united, to keep them in a temporal safe-zone, barring any collapse from them.

Nigel pearson was introduced to replace two-time Watford manager Quique Sanchez Flores late 2019, with the club rock bottom of the log. Nigel took them out of the relegation zone when he joined, but since the restart of the English Premier League season, things has gone from bad to worse for the Hornets.

Several media outlets stated that, he as been freed for the remainder of the season.

The reason for the sack, could be down to scandalous 3-1 loss to in-form West Ham United, on Friday evening. The defeat to West ham leave them in a difficult state of escaping relegation, with Bournemouth and Aston Villa close to them.

One of the major achievement the Hornets had this season was famous big win against Premier League champions Liverpool, this season. Smashing the invincibility of the latter, but that has since gone into oblivion for the hornets bosses, as the winner of that game, could be on his way out of the Vicarage Road.

Former Leicester City manager Greg Shakespeare who is the assistant to Pearson was also sacked by Watford. Shakespeare had a short stint with Leicester City, a couple of seasons ago. He had a famous 3-1 win against Liverpool.

Whoever will become Watford’s manager would be the fourth this season, after Javi Gracia, Quique Sanchez Flores and Nigel Pearson.