30 years of waiting is over,! Liverpool are officially Champions of the English Premier League. They have been knocking for over 30 years, finally they got one, and they got it in an emphatic fashion. Even though the celebration inside Anfield was vintage, but the celebration outside was ‘village’ because it lacked the usual Liverpool fans buzz.

The Reds have won four major trophies in 13-month, The UEFA Champions League, The FIFA Club World Cup, The UEFA Super Cup and The English Premier League, it has been indeed a phenomenal season for Liverpool. A season filled with drama, excitement, anxiety, hope and everything you call it.

A season that seem to have ended in late January, with Liverpool assumed champion was almost derailed by the emergence of the unprecedented Coronavirus Pandemic, which had to bow for the reigning Champions of England to finalize and win the title officially. The level of excitement in the hearts of Liverpool fans right are immeasurable. Image

If we tell gently gently all that Liverpool have gone through, in a bid to win the English Premier League, no-time will be enough to tell such a tale. The Reds journey so far have been mixed with good and bad emotions. Like a popular saying goes like this, ‘There is always a light at the end of the tunnel’ exactly what has happened to Liverpool.

Liverpool 7,8 seasons ago, where good a scoring and conceding goals, they had brilliant attack that was always affected by some many defensive buffoonery. But now their defense is a solid rock right now, with scintillating attacking play.

They had a vintage start to the season, but indeed a village finish with unimpressive display against Arsenal and Burnley, but who cares? they’ve done the needful by clinching the long-awaited trophy. Image

Had it be that The fans were in the stadium, they would have numerous Allez, Allez, Allez chants, with Van Dijk, Salah, Firmino and Mane to follow.

Liverpool’s first game after the season restarted was against bitter-rivals Everton, a game which they where lucky enough to pull out a point from it. They went on to drub Crystal Palace, before continuing on that run prior to the draw and loss to Burnley and Arsenal respectively.

Liverpool still have a final game against Newcastle who will not be relegated this season, after a relatively impressive display all season.