Abia Warriors FC new head coach, Imama Amapakabo has revealed what he is bringing on board to the team.

Imama signed a two-year deal with the Umuahia Warlords and was unveiled yesterday at the Umuhia township stadium.
Speaking to journalists at his unveiling, the former Super Eagles assistant coach said while there are expectations, it will take a collective effort to achieve success.

Everybody dreams. It will be funny on my part and that of the management if we don’t aspire; a lot of work has to be done. Let us not forget that this team in the past years has been able to sustain itself.

“They are one of those teams that after they were elevated to the top flight division, they didn’t come down. They are one of the mid-table teams.

“For them to want to aspire to a good position, even the bible says, he who aspires for the post of a bishop aspires for a good thing. It is a place all of us are aspiring. In the harmony of the unification of working, we will be able to get it right to achieve the results we want.

“In the first place I said, everybody has a right to dream, it is only those people who are successful in their dream when they work out of that dream.

“Over time I have the privileged of dreaming and working out my dream and I also want to believe that when I talk with the management of Abia Warriors, they also won’t just want to wake up in their dream but also work out that dream, I think that is the first set of getting it.”

Imama who led Rangers International to their league title after 34 years in 2016 says the public should expect hi sweet brand of football when the league resumes.

“My signature, everybody knows that whichever team I handle no matter where it is, I want to play, I want to enjoy football. If I don’t enjoy football, I want to answer the question of I saw the goal coming, everybody in the stadium saw the goal coming.

“We cook it here and when it is done it’s like a good meal, you take it off the plate. Everybody in the stadium will perceive the aroma. This is a wonderful egusi that is been cooked happening, this is a wonderful ogbono soup that is been cooked.

“You perceive it and you that it is happening, that is me, that is what I want to bring if it is not happening, it is not happening.

“The challenge that everybody has posted to me, in all honesty, is one thing our playing turf, that is why when I came around I started walking around to feel the turf and see how it is. Even the laws of the game, FIFA says number one, the pitch, we have to see how best we can manage this turf.

“What we all want to achieve won’t be achieved if we don’t work with the law. Rangers was something that people never thought it will be possible but became possible because everybody came into the level playing field.

” I have discussed with the board of Abia Warriors and I believe they also want to come to the level playing field. In my capacity, it will sit nice on my cv like it sat nice on my cv with Rangers that I was able to win the league but then it will also sit nicely on my cv.

“Truth is that my personality precedes my person. When I am coming here everybody expects he is back in the league again he is going to win the league and it’s a plus for Abia Warriors, he concluded.