The stakeholders of the English Premier League have unveiled the date that which the English Premier League 2020/2021 season will start. They’ve pegged the date to be the 12th day in the month of September 2020 and it’d come to an end on the 23rd of May 2021.

The body in charge of the other tiers of English football, has also revealed that the EFL leagues will begin their new campaign on the same weekend the EPL starts theirs, the season would then come to an end on the 8th and 9th May for Championship, League One and League Two clubs. The regular playoff tournament would then follow suit, with each final scheduled to take place in the final weekend of May of 2021.

The current campaign is set to finish on July 6th and the date of the new season already out, it means the teams have just seven weeks to rest and to prepare for the upcoming season. It’s not going to be an easy one for teams as some of them have engagements even until August. Some Clubs have continental games to play, some have domestic competition to attend to. The Europa League final is billed to hold on the 21st of August, with the UEFA Champions League final to be played two days later.

The Coronavirus has affected the world in all ramifications and it’s surely taking its toll on the football game causing adjustments to he made after a three months break.
The date that which the upcoming season domestic cups will commence have not been announced also.

The English Premier League bosses have retirated that they’d continue to consult the FA and the EFL as regards the scheduling of all domestic competitions in the country.

Last year’s EPL champions Manchester City and Chelsea are the only English teams left in this seasons UEFA Champions League. Manchester United and Wolverhampton Wanderers are are also still much involved in the UEFA Europa League. If any of these teams proceed to the next round of their competitions, they could have a delayed start to their 2020/2021 season.