Former Dolphins FC striker, Victor Ezeji puts blame of ‘unrevealed’ players contracts in the Nigeria Professional Football League on the players.

Revelation of contract in Nigeria League has been one issue that have existed for long, Players contract details is always handled secretly. Contrary to the way it is been practiced in developed nations.

Ezeji in a chat with OJBSPORT said players are grossly responsible for this, curious of the posibility of joining a new club without penned-down contract details, the former CAF CL winner hopes Players can learn and get educated as to the importance of revealing contract details.

“Players are responsible for this, there is nowhere in this world, that you sign a new contract witha club as a professional, and you won’t have contract documents with the club, be it football, be it outside football.
“Most of this players don’t ask for their rights, most clubs will want to go with it that way”
Victor Ezeji continued.

“A situation where you have somebody representing you, that is why you don’t have to get a lawyer, or someone that will be like an intermediary, there is no way your lawyer will sign a contract and you won’t get your contract details.”

Club sides in Nigeria today do not handle players contract with care, according to Ezeji, the narratives will change once there is a lawyer to sign the deal for that players.

While urging Nigeria Professional Football League players to always ensure they sign ‘personal’ contracts with clubs, the University of Port Harcourt accounting graduate noted that his level of education also contributed immensely to the career decisions he made.

In standard leagues, the worth of players are been declared immediately a player joins a new club or a player is attracting interest from other clubs, in Nigeria the worth of this players could be difficult to pinpoint, because of the discrepancies associated to players contracts in the league.

Victor Ezeji whose deal to join Viborg FF failed in 2003, further attributed the blames to the folly of some players who claims to be smart, by taking their paper to other clubs, claiming that, they already have the clearance with them.

Most Nigeria players abroad, are in obscure leagues Europe, countries like Vietman, Bahrain etc.