Sebastian Vettel can’t battle Lewis Hamilton in the same car says former Formula One team principal Edmund Jordan.

Vettel who drives for Ferrari is a four time F1 champion. The 33-year old German has had a torrid time since joining the Italian based team in 2015.

It was a marriage many felt will yield a lot of productivity and probably usher Ferrari into a new era of dominance while also boasting Vettel’s hope of matching seven time F1 record champion Micheal Schumacher.

After five years in which he couldn’t add to his title or lead Ferrari to a victory, both parties fell apart sourly. His contract wasn’t renewed hence he is set to be replaced by McLaren’s Carlos Sainz from next season.

On the hand while Ferrari was struggling, Mercedes rose to prominent and has dominated the championship winning the constructors’ race for the past six years with lead driver Lewis Hamilton also winning four titles along the line.

The Brit who is just one title away from equaling Schumacher’s seven titles presently leads the drivers standing in the 2020 season ahead of fellow teammate Valteri Bottas.

Both drivers are often compared to each other as they have dominated F1 last decade.

Some sectors however believed that if Vettel had a better management team, he could have faired better but Jordan has different opinion.

The 72-year old believes the the former Red Bull driver can’t even beat fellow team driver Charles Leclerc.

Are you telling me, in a similar car, that he could fight toe to toe with Lewis Hamilton?
“At the moment, psychologically, he can’t even do that with Charles Leclerc!

Can he do it with Lewis, I don’t think so. That would be the way I would look at it, in terms of if I was the boss of the team.”

Formula 1 returns this weekend at the British GP.