FC Barcelona group of members have announced plans to launch a vote of no confidence against president Josep Maria Bartomeu, and his board of directors because of the “unacceptable management” of the Spanish club.

The group called Cor Blaugrana announced their plan to collect 17,000 signatures and called for a referendum to approve an early election before the start of next season.

“We know we are working against a number of factors. We know we can’t get signatures at games because fans can’t attend, that we’re in the middle of a pandemic and that there’s an election due next year anyway.

“But we really want to move forward with this vote of no confidence. That’s the level of indignation we’re feeling right now. The management of the club has been unacceptable.”

If they eventually achieve their aim, the vote of no confidence would then be put to the entire membership base in the form of a referendum. Two-thirds of a potential 154,000 voters would have to go against the board in the second stage in order for an immediate election to be called.

Bartomeu will be facing a potential vote of no confidence for the second time as the Spanish giants president.

Agusti Benedito wanted a vote of no confidence against Bartomeu back then in 2017,but he fell short of the necessary numbers of signatures required.

The board who were accused of hiring a “third party ” company to discredit former and current players, have come under increasing pressure after the club have faced numbers of on-field and Off-field problems.