The capacity building seminar for elite one championship coaches and national coaches closed on Friday July 31, 2020 at the CAF center of excellence in Mbankomo.

The elite coaches have been upgraded for five days in the perspective of the resumption of competitions of the Cameroonian football federation.

In total 26 coaches including 18 from Elite one championship clubs and 8 national coaches including François Omam –Biyik assistant coach of the team (A) pennant, Yves Clément Arroga (A ‘), Rigobert Song (U23) or Alain Djeumfa from the team (A) women and Charles Kamdem of the U20 women among others, took part in the discussions which were moderated by eight instructors.

Under the coordination of the National Technical Directorate, the main innovation revolved around methodological approaches with regard to the mastery of the computer tool, the statistical dimension in the management of staff and the development and management of club projects. 
“The coaches are now equipped to go back to their club activities”, satisfied Serge Noah, the National Technical Director. Responsibility for Cameroonian technicians to apply the concepts learned in the field. 

The same satisfaction rating was perceived among the participants. “A lot of things will change in the management of our clubs. It was one of the richest seminaries. The statistical dimension, project management, etc. have been integrated, ”commented David Pagou, coach of Pwd de Bamenda.

The step is thus taken, so that the Cameroonian coaches convert in the medium term, in the global management.

While waiting for the resumption of competitions, the assistant coaches of the national teams and the head coaches of the clubs in the elite two championship will take over on Monday 3 August at the Fecafoot technical center in Odza.