Brooklyn Nets 118 – 110 Washington Wizards

Caris LeVert help Brooklyn Nets beat Washington Wizards 118 – 110 in Orlando. The aforementioned Nets player scored 34 points, while fellow team-mates Allen registered a double double (22 Points 15 rebounds) in the NBA game.

Thomas Bryant added a team-high 30-points 13 rebounds, plus making 2 blocks, Troy Brown jr was the second wizards player to have scored a double in the match-up, as he was able to score 22 points 10 rebounds.
The Nets converted 84% of the free throws attempted.

Boston Celtics 128 – 124 Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers began to close down Boston Celtics lead from the 3rd and 4th quarter, after the latter had won the 1st and 2nd quarters, but scintillating Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown performance, dented PTB chances of winning. Power Forward Jayson Tatum scored 34 points, while Jaylen Brown scored 30 points for Boston Celtics, in a mouthwatering matchup.

Jusuf Nurkic consistency level since the restart of the NBA season is undescribable, as he scored 30 points, to finish level on points with Damian Lilliard, who bagged a double double (30 points 16 assist).
Gary Trent Jr added 21 points for the Blazers.

Out of 30 3-pointer attempts made by Boston Celtics, they scored 18, which means their conversion rate percentage was 60%, Portland Trail Blazers less-productive 3-pointer attempts was one of the reason they could not see-off Boston Celtics.

Memphis Grizzlies 106 – 108 San Antonio Spurs.

Rookie JA Morant just needed an assist and rebound more to have scooped a triple-double, in a higly competitive affair against San Antonio Spurs.

Dejounte Murray scored most points for San Antonio, plus registering a double-double (21 points 10 assist), to help Spurs beat the Grizzlies 108-106.

JA Morant game-high 25 points 9 assist 9 rebounds was the talking point, after rookie once again showcases sublime ball handling skills. Jaren Jackson Jr scored 21 points while Jonas Valančiūnas drilled in a double double, 13 points 11 rebounds.

Orlando Magic 132 – 116 Sacramento Kings:

Guard Markelled Fultz outrageous long range try to score a 3-pointer was the talking point, as Orlando Magic beat Sacramento Kings, 132-116 in the Bubble.
Terrence Ross scored 25 points, Nikola Vucevic scored 23 points 11 rebounds, Aaron Gordon added 22 points for the Magics. The star of the show Markelle Fultz scored 14 points.
Sacramento Kings had 7 players who scored double figures. Harry Giles registered 23 points.
Houston Rockets 120 – 115 Milwaukee Bucks:
Milwaukee Bucks were unlucky to have lost this match-up to Houston Rockets, after series of mind-blowing individual display, they had 3 players who scored a double double, but could not earn them the second win of the season.

Rockets’s , Ruseel Westbrook team-high 31 points lead them pass Milwaukee Bucks, 120-115, in Orlando. Westbrook played 38 mins while James Harden played 34 mins, but could only manage an uncharacteristical 21 points for the Rockets.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton and Brook Lopez all scored a double-double. Antetokounmpo scored 36 points 18 rebounds 8 assist, Khris Middleton bagged 27 points 12 rebounds while Brook Lopez drilled in 23 points 12 rebounds.

Phoenix Suns 117 -115 Dallas Mavericks:
Dallas Maveicks loss to the Phoenix Suns means they have consecutive loss, since the restart of the NBA Season. Luka Docic continues with consecutibe fine display with 40 points 11 assist scored for the Mavericks.
Kristap Porzingis added 30 points, while Seth Curry had 16 points.

Devin Booker for the Phoenix Suns, scored 30 points, closest to him was Ricky Rubio who added 20 points, Camera Jackson the only player to have scored a double double in the game scored 19 points 12 rebounds.