Real Madrid‘s Gareth Bale has taking a swipe at the fans for wrecking his confidence by booing him.

But it does not look like the Welshman has plans on leaving the the Spanish giants even with the limited game time he has had.

Gareth Bale this season has only played 20 times, scoring just three times for the laliga champions .

The former Tottenham man has admitted that the booing damaged his confidence in a golf podcast.

“We get a lot of pressure every game. If you don’t play well, there’s scrutiny. Bale said.

“I’ve had 80,000 people in a stadium whistle at me because I haven’t played well. I’ve had it a few times! It’s not nice and it doesn’t do your confidence any good either.

“This is the biggest question and I just don’t get it.

“You would expect that if you’re not having a good time on the pitch, your fans would get behind you and try to help you do better because it’ll make them happy.

“But it seems that they do the opposite.
“They whistle you, which consequentially makes you feel worse, you lose your confidence, you play worse and then that makes them even more upset.”

Dimitar Berbatov criticized him Last month for his “unprofessional and disrespectful” behaviour, the Wales international also infuriated Real fans as he joked about falling asleep with a protective face mask over his eyes while watching the game in Madrid from the stands.

“Gareth Bale is in the headlines again for pretending to sleep in the stands when he found out he was going to be an unused substitute,” Berbatov said in an interview with Betfair.

When I saw it I couldn’t believe it. I watched him put his mask over his eyes and pretend to be asleep. I cannot support that. It is unprofessional and disrespectful to Real Madrid.

Madrid need to find a solution to the Bale saga. It’s not good for Bale or the team”