The world football community stands still on August 5, as Nigeria and Africa’s numero uno football fan, Dr. Rafiu Ladipo celebrates his 70th birthday.

The globally renowned football enthusiast and promoter who is the prime mover and face of football supportership in the country, in the past four decades is being celebrated today as he adds another year to his life.

Dr. Rafiu Ladipo, who is the President-General of Nigeria’s foremost football fans club, the Nigeria Football Supporters club (NFSC), and awards- winning successful businessman, is being celebrated as a zealous and patriotic Nigerian who has continued to spend millions of his earned personal money to promote the image of Nigeria through football across the world.

And the showers of encomiums have been stopless for the Ibadan born sports enthusiast, who is also the President of Nigeria Boxing Board of Control (NBB of C). In a special birthday message released by Rev. Samuel Ikpea, National Chairman of Nigeria Football Supporters club, he describes Dr. Ladipo, as a blessing to Nigerian sports and the country, in general.

“I am specially grateful to God for His mercies and kindness on the life of my mentor and leader, Dr. Rafiu Ladipo. He is a great man and a big blessing to Nigeria and the world in all of the ramifications.

“This is a man who has contributed immensely to the successes of Nigerian sports, particularly, football. Without a doubt, he deserves all the sweet encomiums and eulogies on his birthday.

“Let me seize this auspicious occasion to admonish the Federal Government of Nigeria to honour this great Nigerian for his selfless labour and contributions to the development of the country. We shouldn’t wait until such patriot pass on to the great beyond, before he is celebrated and honoured,”Ikpea remarked.

“On behalf of myself, family and friends, and especially, the members of NFSC all over the world, I pray that God in His infinite mercies continue to grant him good health, happiness, prosperity and the wisdom to His glory and the benefits of mankind,” Ikpea added.