Premier league clubs have voted against the use of five (5) substitutions for next season.

The use of five substitutions was introduced in June for the restart of football after 3 months break due to the Covid19 pandemic in other to keep players fresh due to congestion of matches and fitness level. The reverse to Three substitutions also means that the match day squad will now be 18 in numbers rather than 25 with a maximum of Seven substitutes on the bench.

Many Premier league managers had on several occasions criticised the use of five substitutions during matches as they believed it only favours the big teams who has a larger number of squad and quality players.

At the Premier League’s Annual General Meeting today club Shareholders also agreed to rules relating to VAR for the 2020/21 season and unanimously approved the implementation of VAR, in line with the full FIFA VAR where Refree would make use of the pitch side monitors more in making final decisions during the games.

All these measures are being put together in agreement between all the Premier league teams including the newly promoted sides Leeds United, Fulham and Westbrom Albion ahead of the 2020/2021 season which is set to kick off in September.