The England FA has announced that the FA Cup replays will be scraped for the upcoming 2020 /2021 season.

This means for the 2020 /2021 season the competition will no longer involve a second leg replays should a match ends in a draw after the full time whistle, rather the game will move to extra time and eventually penalty shootout to decide who would progress to the next round.

In a state issued by the English FA today it states ” the decision to scrap replays had been made to assist in easing pressure on the football schedule and to ensure that domestic competitions can still be delivered. The FA Cup will also be less lucrative for clubs next season, with the overall prize fund returning to the same level as the 2017-18 season “due to the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic”.

The preliminary round of the FA Cup qualifiers would kick off in the first week of September with teams from the English football lower devisions.

Arsenal is the defending Champions after seeing off Chelsea at Wembley last month and are also the record winner of the FA Cup tittle (14times) and are followed by Manchester United who has won the trophy on 12 occasions.