Few hours after suffering heavy defeat in the quarter final of the UEFA champions league against German Bundesliga champion Bayern Munich, Spanish La Liga side Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has decide to sacrifice himself if the need be, OJB Sport reports.

It was a day to forget for the Catalan giant on Friday night at Lisbon in Portugal as they succumbed 2-8 to firing power of Bayern Munich.

The facial expressions of the Barcelona players after the last goals against and the final whistle spoke volumes. They wanted to leave the field as soon as possible and preferably also leave the stadium after the disgrace.

“Unacceptable. Shameful”, Gerard Piqué tried to describe in front of Movistar ‘s microphone what he had just experienced. “And it’s not the first time we’ve hit the bottom, but it’s not the second or the third either.

There is a need for change, the Catalan agreed.

“Players and coaches succeed each other, but we fail to be competitive on the European stage. There is a need for fresh blood and, if necessary, I am the first to leave”, he took his responsibility.”

Apart from losing the champion league semi final, they also failed to retained the league after rival Real Madrid dethroned them.

Pique joined Barcelona after a cameo role with the English premier league side Manchester United and has been one of the outstanding performer of the team in recent years.