The Lekan Salami football pitch will be turned to natural grass after the completion of its remodelling says Honourable Seun Fakorede.

The Oyo state Sports Commissioner told Pensioners 106.7 FM sports reporter Raymond Tolulope of the Oyo state government plans to turn the playing surface from it’s synthetic state to a natural grass.

Recently, the Oyo state Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde flagged off the remodelling of the Lekan Salami stadium into an international standard which will cost #5.5b.

The challenge is this, now options were brought to us and then we have to weigh the options we have, look at the advantages.

“If we maintain the artificial tuff in that place, of course the artificial tuff that we are going to use in that place will also be one that is certified by FIFA agent.

Now the disadvantage there is if we have an artificial tuff in that place, no matter what standard or what quality it is, the Super Eagles will still not be able to play on that pitch and that was why we decided that ok since we won’t be able to attract hosting international matches, why don’t we just go for the natural grass.

We are not going to be spending that huge amount of money just for local engagement which is an international stadium.

We should be able to attract international engagement and that was why we settle for making it natural grass field.

Yes it is not easy to maintain but just like I said, we are going to engage the service of a proper management in that place. So its going to be natural grass“.

The stadium is the home ground of Nigeria’s foremost club Shooting Stars Sports club which currently competes in the second tier of the Nigerian second division league, the Nigeria National League (NNL).