Shooting Stars Sports club new website will be ready before the start of the Nigerian National League, Oyo State Commissioner for Youths and Sports, Honourable Seun Fakorede has revealed.

Seun, who is the youngest commissioner ever in Oyo state also pinpointed that the Ibadan based club is presently undergoing a rebranding.

Speaking with Pensioners 106.7 FM sports enthusiast Raymond Tolulope, the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) graduate said 3SC is more than just Ibadan or Oyo state club hence reason for the rebranding.

“We started the process of rebranding Shooting Stars and even as I speak, a new website and authentic website is in the making and by the grace of God, in the next three weeks it is going to come out alive. Most likely before the commencement of the NNL”, he said.

“One of the reason that spurred us into this is, Shooting Stars is not an Ibadan club, it is not an Oyo State club, Shooting Stars is a continental club. So if it’s just Ibadan alone, we might say the need for a website might not be so imperative but it is a continental one and that is the reason why we had to engage the construction of an international standard website.

“I am very sure that you would have heard somewhere in the news about our plans and looking at the possibilities of viewing the matches of the Shooting Stars live on the TV and even broadcasting on the radio. All these are bye products of the rebranding of the rebranding process hat has started.

“So we want a situation whereby people actually order Shooting Stars merchandise from anywhere in the world and get it. Today, what we met was if anybody wants to engage or buy any product of Shooting Stars, you can only do it by going to their office which is not adequate for a club like Shooting Stars.

“So in the next few weeks, all those things will be resolved and we wouldn’t have go to through that strenuous method in getting product of Shooting Stars and by so doing. It’s even going to make more money for the club because a lot of people.

“I can’t imagine living in Lagos or Abuja and I want to get a jersey of my darling Shooting Stars club and they told that I have to come to Ibadan to get it while I don’t mind to pay any amount for delivery to wherever I am. So we are working on that and in the next few weeks like I said, the result is going to be evident”, he concluded.