In a matter of time, the seemingly low expectation on the actresses of the slamming and dunking game, will soon become high. The state of basketball in Nigeria is not so cool, still lacking that tip but that will not make us shy away from talking about some of the outstanding players we’ve got in the country (Nigeria). Some of those players, you probably don’t know are outstanding.

This time we will be heading to First Bank Basketball Club to talk about one of their hottest prospects.

Theresa Anya Ebiega is a professional Basketball Player for First Bank Basketball Club, in the Zenith Women Basketball League. She started playing the game of basketball at a very young age, representing her secondary school in various competitions.

Theresa who hails from Benue state fell in love with the game, when she and a close friend will go watch some basketball matches, with keen interest. This increases her love for the game, persuading her mum to get a pair of snickers and jersey, as part of support for Theresa’s line.

Theresa speaks on her for the game;

“I love playing this game and I know there is more to it, it helps you build up certain characters positively.”

Narrating the reason why she chose basketball over football, Theresa said, her secondary school basketball team lured her to choose the game.

” When I was in secondary school then, we had a good Basketball team. We had quite a lot of medals, I was well thrilled with the superlative display from the team, that was why I chose to play basketball.” she continued “i had someone who i train with, in school.”

Representing her school at the Milo secondary school competitions, she won two Gold Medals and a bronze medal with her school, finishing as the top three performers in her team.

She continued with her giant strides three years after, when she won Gold with Gilalian, in the south side Basketball League Kaduna. In the competition, Theresa averaged a total of 12.4 points per game, 2.2 assist per game and 4.0 rebounds per game.

The young athlete joined the Nigerian Custom teams in 2016, spending a year with them before moving to Kaduna team (GT2000 but now Kada Queens). This was when she showed us a ‘thin end of the wedge.’ She scored over 15 points in almost every game played for the now Kada Queens, averaging 15.6 PPG, 2.1 APG 3.2 RPG, she also scooped an impressive defensive stats of 3.2 steals per game.

She helped her team to qualify for the final 8 for the first time in the club’s history, but eventually finished 5th in the competition. Her impressive performance with the Kada Queens attracted an invite to First bank basketball club.

Hard Work began to pay-off for the First bank Basketball team player, with a huge increment in training intensity, she kept on doing this consistently, improving in her all round game.

In bid to further spread her horizons, Theresa then moved to First bank basketball club, churning quite a lot of match-winning performances for them. One part of her game that boomed was her composure with the ball, she can as well move quick and fast, taking down crowded defenses, with some sublime foot works and skills.

Her ability to rebound well, make her one of the unsung rebounders we have in the league, her offensive stats ballooned, improving  as a scorer and playmaker. She often shows-off her ability to leap well, dunking, slamming in emphatic fashions. She obviously has not attained that top level as a basketball player but she is undoubtedly one of the hottest potentials we’ve got in the country right now, she is profusely working on improving.

For those who have the wrong perception about the league because we do not have the chance to watch some of these girls play does not mean we do not have quality in Nigeria. To a large extent we don’t get to see the best of female basketball in Nigeria, because of the inability to watch them which are issues that have been associated with the country’s sports for years.

If this has been taken care of, then you all will get to know that praises heaped on female Basketball players in Nigeria are well deserved.

Female Basketball in Nigeria have been suffering from some hullabaloo  in terms of structure but you can’t take away the quality from it. The league has been dormant for months now which is one of the reasons why you don’t get to see league matches played.

Like the dream of every aspiring basketball player, Theresa revealed that her main objective right now is to represent the D’Tigress of Nigeria at international level. In her words, the aforementioned First bank point guard stated that she wants to reach out to girls who have similar vision so as to make them believe they can make an impact even as a basketball player.

‘I’ve always wanted to represent my country. It is my dream too and I’m not relenting, I always want to reach out to girls like me, cause I know we could live a life of impact as basketball players.

‘Want to thank God Almighty for Grace and his faithfulness and my family and friends for their support.. I love them, she concluded.