Sports is so wide, there is plethoral of it. Some are popular while some are not. There are local sports or call them traditional sports. These types of sports existed for so long than we can imagine.

While a lot of people found joy in games like football, basketball, athletics, formula one amongst others, Dr. Joshua Faleye found so much joy in the traditional sport called Ayo Olopon.

According to him, Ayo Olopon enthuses so much peace, no fight whatsoever can occur when playing the game.

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Hosted by Raymond Tolulope on the sports grassroots development program called Sports Drill broadcasted by Pensioners’ 106.7 FM Ibadan, Dr. Joshua who is the chairman Oyo state trado sport speaks on the mystery behind Ayo Olopon.

Ayo Olopon is mathematical and guided by the principle of logic. It is one of the traditional sports called trado sport. Ayo is the seed that grows in the bush, in fact, it is very thorny”, he began

“It has a lot of sharp objects that can pierce your hand if you are not very careful. Inside that pod is where you find Ayo that is extremely smooth and round.

“Olopon means….. Opon is the board. The board has 12 holes altogether and each hole has four seeds. The total number of seed is 48, divided into 2, that is 24 on each side. There are two sides just like football. You have the opposing team and the attacking team.

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The midline itself is called the neutral. Principally and scientifically, the world us divided into three. The positive, the negative, and the neutral. You cant find anything more than that. That is what we have in ayo olopon. 

“Ayo olopon is like the world that is simplified into a board. As we play the game, we are trying to mimick the events of the world.

There are technical aspect of the game, there are philosophical aspect. 

“The technical aspect is you playing the game and win, that is ok. The philosophical; aspect of the game is just like somebody who studied mathematics in the university. There is a difference between mathematics and applied mathematics. Applied mathematics is the one used in manufacturing cars, it is different from x plus y is equal to z. That is mathematics but applied mathematics is the one that you infer something from those principles. 

“Ayo has its own principle but the inferential aspect of it is the philosophical aspect of it which goes beyond the board itself.

It’s like putting the whole world, all the America, Europe, all the continents of the world represented in the board and the activities therein are the activities that we perform on daily basis. That is Ayo for you in simplest terms.

“I have been playing it for 34 years and I don’t know half of iit.. even the best player in Nigeria does not know half of it.

It is a complex game that doesn’t have an end. I can tell you that it is one of the wonders of the world. It is the wonder of our forefathers because nobody knows it all. It is like the principle of the world only God knows it all.”, he concluded.

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The game itself can be played by youths and the old. The game is growing all over the world and Dr. Joshua hopes to see the game develop better than it is in Oyo State.