Barcelona presidential candidate Victor Font has admitted that there is little hope of Messi changing his mind about leaving Barcelona.

“I really hope the decision can be changed“, Font told Sky Sports.

“It doesn’t seem likely, though … if that’s the case, the focus should be on making the transition as smooth as possible.

“Messi loves the club and he wants to win, he wants to compete. He has been saying this for many, many years, it’s not just been for a few weeks.

“Unfortunately the club has not been able to deliver on the promise of building a competitive team.”

“Currently you have the president, the chairman of the board and even some directors making decisions about signings, about selling players and that needs to be changed”, Font who hopes to succeed Bartomeu in the presidential elections next March, added.

That’s why we’ve been working on a project and we need people to lead that who come from the world of football.”

Font who has been a critic of Bartomeu and his board once warned that Barcelona could decline and become the new AC Milan if drastic changes are not made at the club.

We have it quite clear that if there is no project similar to ours, we are in danger of becoming the new Milan, a club with many titles that no longer competes,” Font concluded.